The lifestyles of the everyday woman today are extremely stressful. Running a life with or without kids, with or without a partner by your side, socialising online and in person, working and exercising. 

Even the yoga, meditation and trying to eat a healthy diet might make you feel stressed. 

Let us take a deep breath.

And why not another one. 

Do you hear us when we say; life itself, and the feeling of contentment, is not about ticking of the to-do-list everyday, or performing well on all the above subjects? 

We want to give you the simplest way to lead a life at ease. Because that is how you become not only healthy, but vital. 


With more than 20 years of experience in Health, Nutrition and Vitality, we offer you individual Vitality Coaching as a complement to our Vital Woman Program.

The Vitality Coaching is also available as part of our corporate health services Vital Office.

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By now every company leader knows that investing in their employees' health will not only increase the mood at the work place, but it is also economically wise, since it leads to less sick days and better performance. 


You can have Vital Office Massage delivered to your work place during work hours. We come to your office, install our massage chair and put up a weekly schedule to offer your employees an energy boosting massage at work.

Vitality Coaching can also be booked to increase energy, mood and vitality of your employees.


Investing in health, vitality and well-being of employees pays back. Corporations all over the world saves millions of dollars when implementing health programs. 

Our Vital Office services for corporations, that include HRV Lifestyle Assessments, Vitality Coaching and Corporate Health Programs, are tailor made to suit the needs of your company and your employees. 


Isn't it a jungle to stay healthy and vital nowadays? 

We are Diana 't Hooft, a Business & Vitality Coach and Nutritional Therapist from the Netherlands and Sara Gustafsson, a Health Therapist in Sweden, specialized in Women's Pelvic & Abdominal Health. We teamed up to help you navigate towards health and vitality more easily. 

The first step was to create the Vital Woman Program, so that you can start your journey on Vitality at home, in your own pace, in your own way.

So much more is about to happen in the company, and we are looking forward to offer you more on Health and Vitality along the way. 


Are you passionate about Health and Vitality?

We are looking to strengthen our team with Independent Entrepreneurs in the fields of Sales, Marketing, Administration, Health Specialists and Vitality Coaches.

We are teaming up with Ambassadors like Bloggers, Writers and Influencers as well.

Please contact our Service Center by sending your strengths and motivations in an email to 

We are looking forward to hear from you!